Replaces Nylon Banding or Safer Cases

Security Seals are very easily applied by hand, either in-store, the backroom or distribution level. They do not require any applicator training or on-going service contracts etc. They are a consumable, cost effective solution.

Resists Opening Prior to Purchase

Security Seals prevent the opening or removal of goods before purchases are made. Security Seals may also be tamper evident and allow CCTV operators or security staff to be alerted to customers opening items prior to the purchase point.

With or Without EAS Protection

Security Seals are available as a self adhesive only solution or combined with EAS Tags to provide a complete seal and tag solution, in one simple application. This not only protects the EAS Tag from tampering but saves time in applying security tags first, then securing the packaging after.

Bespoke Colours & Overt Messaging

Security Seals are manufactured to the exact size, design and colour specification that you require. Security Seals may have overt security messaging to reinforce store theft policy or perhaps Sales & Promotional messaging.