What is Source Tagging

Source Tagging is a buzzword for embedding or disguising Security Tags at the point of either the packaging or manufacturing stages. It allows or pre-tagged goods delivered to the point of sale, ready for immediate merchandising. Which has considerable benefits for retailers.

Major Retailers & Independents

ITS Printing & Tagging have designed and implemented Source Tagging Solutions for many major high street retailer’s and smaller independent stores.

It Doesn't Have To Be Complicated!

Source Tagging has to be clever yet simple and cost effective to implement. ITS Printing & Tagging specialise in simple, affordable Source Tagging Solutions, that lead to time and cost savings.

Independent Source Tagging Advice

ITS Printing & Tagging are an independent printing and manufacturing company. Our Source Tagging advice is given from a practical viewpoint rather than biased to an EAS technology.